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  • Feb Spotlight – Wylie

    Feb Spotlight – Wylie

    OUT NOW Listen to the tragic tale of William WYLE, who was ambushed with his colleague, leading to a gun fight and a field battle – as the heroism unfolds, unfortunately heading towards the untimely murder of Wylie, and what happened to his colleague?

  • Jan Spotlight – Blackpool

    Jan Spotlight – Blackpool

    OUT NOW The tragedy began when a man was visiting Blackpool beach with his dog, playing fetch with a ball. Little did anyone realise that an eager attempt from the terrier to retrieve the ball would end in a tragedy remembered in Blackpool for over 40 years. JP & Dave discuss the three heroes that…

  • Jan TTD – Albert WILLITS

    Jan TTD – Albert WILLITS

    OUT NOW “Bert” WILLITS was on a normal patrol when he became suspicious of three teenage males acting suspiciously in a Wolverhampton street, all the way back in 1925. Join JP and Dave as they discuss the events leading up to this, and how this simple patrol ended with an officer losing his life.



    OUT NOW Join JP & Dave as they delve into the story of the HOUNDSDITCH MURDERS, which is still to this day, the largest multiple murder of on duty Police officers, in Great Britain. City of London Police attend HOUNDSDITCH to investigate a possible burglary in progress. A violent struggle ensues, several shots ring out…

  • Dec Spotlight – Ian BROADHURST

    Dec Spotlight – Ian BROADHURST

    OUT NOW Ian BROADHURST was murdered whilst trying to effect the arrest of a suspect in Leeds in 2003. Described as “an excellent officer” and “an incredible person’ by those that knew and loved Ian, he was shot and killed on Boxing Day 2003 in an incident that disgusted and horrified the nation, where two…

  • Nov TTD – James GORDON

    Nov TTD – James GORDON

    OUT NOW (Check out the new video podcast on youtube) Leap into St Helens, Merseyside back in 1893, where JP & Dave discuss the story of PC James GORDON’s murder. PC Gordon was attending a standard incident for Police which turned violent when the offenders became extremely aggressive. Armed with weapons, the offenders were brutal…

  • Nov Spotlight – Sharon BESHENIVSKY

    Nov Spotlight – Sharon BESHENIVSKY

    OUT NOW (Check out the new video podcast on youtube) PC Beshenivsky was only 9 months into her Police career when she attended a report of a personal attack alarm at an estate agents in Bradford. The much loved wife and mother was fatally injured, whilst her colleague was seriously injured, causing a massive loss…

  • Oct TTD – Arthur WALLS

    Oct TTD – Arthur WALLS

    OUT NOW Also known as The Eastbourne Murder and The Case of The Hooded Man, this incident in 1912 began with a mysterious man first standing, then lying on the porch of the house where Countess Sztaray was being picked up, which turned into the brutal murder of Police Inspector Arthur Wall. Arthur was a…

  • Oct Spotlight – Dave PHILLIPS

    Oct Spotlight – Dave PHILLIPS

    OUT NOW A Police pursuit on the Wirral ends in catastrophe as the stolen Mitsubishi’s driver causes fatal injuries to PC Dave Phillips. JP & Dave discuss the incident & the resulting outcry, including the foundation formed in the names of Dave Phillips and Merseyside Police colleague, Neil Doyle – The Doyle Phillips Foundation, and…

  • Sep SPECIAL – 9/11

    Sep SPECIAL – 9/11

    OUT NOW Everyone knows the story of the tragic terrorist attack that saw the beginning of a worldwide War on Terror, leading to multiple wars and operations targeting terrorist organisations across the entire globe. JP & Dave explore the stories behind the tragedy, as they remember some of those lost in the destruction as planes…