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  • May TTD – Sterland

    May TTD – Sterland



    May’s Through The Decades is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity. Frederick STERLAND was Birmingham born but moving over to join the Royal Ulster Constabulary back in the 1920’s.Unfortunately, the tensions between the UK and the IRA were high, and a pre-planned execution was carried out. STERLAND’s tragic tale begins with a hotel drinking session with a…

  • Apr TTD – Barton Mussell

    Apr TTD – Barton Mussell



    April’s Through The Decades is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity. JP & Dave delve into the story from back in 1913, where two lives were taken tragically as shots fired throughout a Northumberland town, as chaos takes hold in Bedlington. Two more officers that went towards the danger and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Mar TTD – Rooney

    Mar TTD – Rooney

    Protecting the public in the execution of his duty, Temporary Sergeant Gerald ROONEY left for what was British Cyprus to support the country through a ‘terrorist campaign’ that led to large scale violence and riots, and the untimely and tragic murder of Gerald ROONEY.

  • Feb TTD – Le Cronier

    Feb TTD – Le Cronier

    Centenier George LE CRONIER was a man of integrity, and a renowned officer of the law.With his sights set on a brothel and it’s occupants, he walked towards danger in the pursuit of his lawful duty.

  • Jan TTD – Albert WILLITS

    Jan TTD – Albert WILLITS

    OUT NOW “Bert” WILLITS was on a normal patrol when he became suspicious of three teenage males acting suspiciously in a Wolverhampton street, all the way back in 1925. Join JP and Dave as they discuss the events leading up to this, and how this simple patrol ended with an officer losing his life.



    OUT NOW Join JP & Dave as they delve into the story of the HOUNDSDITCH MURDERS, which is still to this day, the largest multiple murder of on duty Police officers, in Great Britain. City of London Police attend HOUNDSDITCH to investigate a possible burglary in progress. A violent struggle ensues, several shots ring out…

  • Nov TTD – James GORDON

    Nov TTD – James GORDON

    OUT NOW (Check out the new video podcast on youtube) Leap into St Helens, Merseyside back in 1893, where JP & Dave discuss the story of PC James GORDON’s murder. PC Gordon was attending a standard incident for Police which turned violent when the offenders became extremely aggressive. Armed with weapons, the offenders were brutal…