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    TBLR’s Special Edition episode for Lewis FULTON is sponsored by Motorfinity The tragic story of PC Lewis FULTON sparked a revolution in the equipment and protection of the Police Service in the UK, in addition to seeing the foundations of Care of Police Survivors (COPS) and the Scottish Memorial Trust come into place. A much…

  • June TTD – Walter FORD

    June’s Through The Decades is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity. All the way back in 1907, when the role of a Police officer was entirely different in every conceivable way, the dangers were still very real. PC Ford’s entry from the Roll of Honour simply says that he was fatally stabbed by a deranged man outside…

  • June Spotlight – Jonathan HENRY

    June’s Spotlight edition is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity PC Jonathan Henry arrived for work on a morning shift that would shake Policing to the core. Jonathan came from morning parade to attend a violent stabbing incident just after 07:15hrs on a Monday morning back in 2007, which would have horrific consequences. ** The spotlight for…

  • May TTD – Sterland

    May TTD – Sterland



    May’s Through The Decades is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity. Frederick STERLAND was Birmingham born but moving over to join the Royal Ulster Constabulary back in the 1920’s.Unfortunately, the tensions between the UK and the IRA were high, and a pre-planned execution was carried out. STERLAND’s tragic tale begins with a hotel drinking session with a…

  • May Spotlight – Whiting

    May Spotlight – Whiting

    May’s Spotlight edition is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity The story of PC Whiting is tragic, but only a fraction of the truth is known. JP & Dave explore what is known and appeal for any further information so that we can remember another hero who has paid the ultimate sacrifice; giving his own life in…

  • Special – September 11th

    Special – September 11th

    Now over 20 years ago, the events of September 11th 2001 resulted in a complete restructure of security and the fight against terrorism following the destruction of some of the most prominent and important buildings in the United States in a series of pre-planned, structured strikes. This tragedy resulted in thousands of deaths and mass…



    Yvonne FLETCHER’s special edition podcast is sponsored by Motorfinity! Yvonne FLETCHER was deployed to what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration outside the Libyan Embassy in 1984, as Gaddafi’s reign was challenged. What the demonstration was to turn into had massive ramifications for both countries and sparked tension for many years between the UK…

  • Apr Spotlight – Walters

    Apr Spotlight – Walters

    April’s Spotlight is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity. Another normal day in Ilford, as PC Walters attended what was reports as a Domestic Incident. Upon arrival, seeing several people inside attacking another, Phillip WALTERS runs towards the danger yet again. Join JP & Dave as the story unfolds with tragic circumstances.

  • Apr TTD – Barton Mussell

    Apr TTD – Barton Mussell



    April’s Through The Decades is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity. JP & Dave delve into the story from back in 1913, where two lives were taken tragically as shots fired throughout a Northumberland town, as chaos takes hold in Bedlington. Two more officers that went towards the danger and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Mar TTD – Rooney

    Mar TTD – Rooney

    Protecting the public in the execution of his duty, Temporary Sergeant Gerald ROONEY left for what was British Cyprus to support the country through a ‘terrorist campaign’ that led to large scale violence and riots, and the untimely and tragic murder of Gerald ROONEY.