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  • May Spotlight – Whiting

    May Spotlight – Whiting

    May’s Spotlight edition is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity The story of PC Whiting is tragic, but only a fraction of the truth is known. JP & Dave explore what is known and appeal for any further information so that we can remember another hero who has paid the ultimate sacrifice; giving his own life in…

  • Apr Spotlight – Walters

    Apr Spotlight – Walters

    April’s Spotlight is proudly sponsored by Motorfinity. Another normal day in Ilford, as PC Walters attended what was reports as a Domestic Incident. Upon arrival, seeing several people inside attacking another, Phillip WALTERS runs towards the danger yet again. Join JP & Dave as the story unfolds with tragic circumstances.

  • Mar Spotlight – PALMER

    Mar Spotlight – PALMER

    When tragedy struck the English Capital on 22nd March 2017 and a Terrorist attacked Westminster, PALMER stood in the way – protecting the very institution he stood for.Unfortunately, this led to tragic circumstances. JP & Dave invited a guest speaker to give a unique perspective on this horrific incident.

  • Feb Spotlight – Wylie

    Feb Spotlight – Wylie

    OUT NOW Listen to the tragic tale of William WYLE, who was ambushed with his colleague, leading to a gun fight and a field battle – as the heroism unfolds, unfortunately heading towards the untimely murder of Wylie, and what happened to his colleague?

  • Jan Spotlight – Blackpool

    Jan Spotlight – Blackpool

    OUT NOW The tragedy began when a man was visiting Blackpool beach with his dog, playing fetch with a ball. Little did anyone realise that an eager attempt from the terrier to retrieve the ball would end in a tragedy remembered in Blackpool for over 40 years. JP & Dave discuss the three heroes that…

  • Dec Spotlight – Ian BROADHURST

    Dec Spotlight – Ian BROADHURST

    OUT NOW Ian BROADHURST was murdered whilst trying to effect the arrest of a suspect in Leeds in 2003. Described as “an excellent officer” and “an incredible person’ by those that knew and loved Ian, he was shot and killed on Boxing Day 2003 in an incident that disgusted and horrified the nation, where two…