Listen as JP & Dave take you into an immersive journey into the story of the Braybrook Street Murders of D/Sgt Christopher Head, D/Con Dave Wombwell and PC Geoffrey Fox, also known as the Shepherds Bush Massacre.

Whilst on mobile patrol, a quiet suburban street is thrown into chaos as shots ring out across the community and a local children’s play area. As the shots end, 3 officers lay dead in the street. The policing family and community grieve.

From this moment begins one of the biggest manhunts for the cop killers, ever seen in British history.

JP & Dave will take you through the incident and manhunt, to the investigation and convictions.

They also skirt over the controversial decision made some 50 years later that would once again thrust the story into the limelight, causing untold grief on the families of those killed on that fateful day.